Your Veenkar is special. It needs the right care to last longer and age well.

Wash Delicately

Wash your Veenkar Tee delicately by hand or in the most gentle machine cycle. Always wash whites with whites and darks with darks.

Delicate Wash

No Twisting

Use Mild Detergents

When you use detergents, they can strip off the natural fibers of your fabrics. Use minimal detergent and no bleach. Also avoid dry cleaning.

Mild Detergent

No Bleach

Dry Carefully

Spinning and drying machines are super harsh on good cotton. Hang or flat dry your tee. Avold exposure to harsh sunlight, that can cause the colour to fade.

Hang Dry

Air Dry

Press With Care

Turn the t-shirt inside out to protect original color. Be cautious not to press too hard, especially on ribs because neck rib is more delicate part of the tee. Once pressed store them neatly.

Steam Iron

Store Stacked